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Caravanning and Motor Caravanning is a favourite pastime of families with young children, senior citizens, and those who do not want to backpack or put up a tent

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As well as being very affordable, Camping and Caravanning is also a rewarding human experience.

F.I.C.C.: a stable force

When it was founded in 1933, the F.I.C.C. comprised 16 Clubs from 7 countries. Today it numbers 56 Federations and Clubs from 32 countries: a unique force.

The international Rallies: time for action

In conjunction with the fun and friendship inspired by international events, the F.I.C.C. rallies are unique opportunities to develop strategies which favour camping and caravanning throughout the world.

First Aid

Many people do not think themselves capable of resuscitating another person and not everyone realises that if you call 112 in an emergency, the operator who answers your call will talk you through the resuscitation process over the phone. 112 is the best number to call: anyone calling the emergency services will be guided through the different stages of the resuscitation process if necessary.

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Red fruit and berries – food that ensures a long life

All red fruit has one thing in common… obviously their bright and cheerful colour! This range of colours that goes from bright red to bluish purple is due to natural pigments such as lycopene in strawberries or anthocyanin in blackberries and wild berries.  Red, mauve, pink and blue pigments are incredibly useful for mopping up free radicals that are responsible for cell oxidation. They also help fight against cell ageing. The queen of antioxydants is the cranberry. Source: A.C.C.A.W (B)

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Vignette and toll charges for European holiday destinations (2017 prices)

Vignette and toll charges for European holiday destinations (2017 prices) CROATIA You have to pay to drive on stretches of nearly all of Croatia’s motorways, as well as on two bridges and in one tunnel. You can work out the motorway toll you have to pay on: bina-istra.com – GoogleTranslate offers a good translation. Price: Ucka Tunnel (depending on the class of vehicle): 2.50€ – 12€; Krk bridge: 2.80€ – 11€; Mirna viaduct: 2€ – 3€. Payment in cash or…

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The first electric motorcaravan (camper van)

Hillside Leisure, the British family-run business specialising in compact camper van conversions, has created a camper van powered by an electric motor built on a Nissan E/NV200. The Hillside Dalbury Electric Camper is a four-seater, has a front passenger swivel seat, a small kitchen, a 39 litre ‘fridge, cupboard space and a double bed (backseat). Source: Autocaravanas (E)

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68TH INTERNATIONAL F.I.C.C. YOUTH RALLY from 29 March to 02 April 2018 in Campsite Terme Tuhelj – Zagreb – Croatia

Organisation: Udruga Kampista Hrvatske The Rally fee is 65 EUR per person for 4 nights at the campsite, free entrance to the Water Planet (Wellness Center), bag with brochures and, 1 Easter dinner or breakfast, 1 excursion by bus to Terme Tuhelj and surroundings including an old local village. All participants in the Youth Rally need to pay the rally fee. In case participants want to stay in the hotel, the cost will be 180 EUR per person for the…

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68TH INTERNATIONAL F.I.C.C. YOUTH RALLY FROM 29 MARCH TO 02 APRIL 2018 IN Campsite Terme Tuhelj – Zagreb – Croatia

The Rally fee is 65 EUR per person for 4 nights at the campsite, free entrance to the Water Planet, 1 Easter Breakfast, 1 excursion to the local village and museum, entertainment program and sports. In case participants want to stay in the hotel, the cost will be 260 EUR for the 4 nights (65 EUR/night).  All participants can have breakfast at an extra cost of 50 HRK per breakfast.   Deadline for bookings 01.02.2018.   Campsite Avtokamp Terme Tuhelj…

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Clean air stickers in France: cheaper now

Rather than ordering your clean air sticker from an expensive service provider, you can obtain one far  more cheaply (€3.70 + €4.80 postage. i.e. €8.50) from the government website www.certificat-air.gouv.fr –. Click on the link on the homepage “Applying for your certificate“ or “Demander son certificat“ in the  black band at the bottom of the screen. Then take the queries in logical order, they are reasonably straightforward.  After giving the most important details about the vehicle which is to carry…

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Netherlands: Amsterdam is the millennials favourite city

No other city offers quite so much to satisfy the needs of millennials as Amsterdam according to a study by Nestpick.  Every year this German agency carries out a survey among young people born between 1980 and 1999/2000 on the best place to live.  So this is based on the tastes of 20 to 30-year-olds.  They were asked about job offers, housing, gender equality, nightlife, festivals in the city and the speed of internet connections.  Taking all of these criteria…

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