High level conference on tourism in Brussels

A high level conference was organised in the European Parliament on World Tourism Day that was attended by 800 people.  The EU Commissioner for Tourism, M. Thyssen, underlined the importance of tourism in the Department of Employment and Social Affairs and announced a new Erasmus Pro Project whereby young employees and apprentices can take part in an exchange programme between EU SME’s in different countries. Source: OITS

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The DCC info bus goes on the road – a Deutscher Camping Club initiative

The DCC Info bus does not only appear at fairs and events organised by regional federations and local clubs to explain the advantages of being a member of DCC, but also visits popular campsites. When staying at campsites, campers are always hugely interested in learning more about vehicle technology, gas-fired appliances and any safety equipment and procedures that apply to their recreational vehicles. The Info bus’s tour will become a definite fixture in DCC’s programme, along with attendance at fairs,…

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UN WTO barometer check on world tourism

Some 598 million international tourists were on the move worldwide in the first half of 2017 some 36 million more than in the same period in 2016. At 6% growth was well above the trend of recent years making the current January-June period the strongest half-year since 2010. Source: ISTO

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Germany: Caves dating back to the Ice Age now a World Heritage Site

The caves in the Swabian Alb Geopark have examples of ancient art from the ice-age era and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2017.  Humans lived in the six caves around 35-40,000 years ago where traces of ice age art can still be found.  Archeologists have found around 50 small sculptures of man and beast along with utensils made out of mammoth tusks and animal bone, eight pipes together with a 30 cm sculpture of a lion man…

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Denmark : New museum in Holstebro

Denmark : New museum in Holstebro For centuries the Danish North Sea coast has been rated by sailors as one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world. Lots of ships have got into distress off the west coast of Jutland and foundered or become stranded. Since May 19 this year, visitors can re-live first-hand one of the most momentous maritime catastrophes in the region in the newly opened “Strandingsmuseum St. George“ in the harbour town of Thorsminde.…

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Good idea from France

Good idea from France In the context of a programme to limit waste, 24 campsites on the coast in the Vendée department have decided to set up a system of “Give away boxes“ (boîte à dons). Items that are still serviceable – camping gear and accessories, toys, magazines, books, parasols and much more besides – no longer need to end up in the rubbish bins but can be stacked on shelves erected for that purpose and await a new owner.…

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New bank notes in Norway

New bank notes in Norway Norway introduced new 100 and 200 Krone bank notes in May this year and other denominations of notes will followi 2018. If you still have some of the old notes from your last holiday in Norway, bear the following in mind: old notes will be legal tender for 12 months and remain in circulation alongside the new notes. After 30 May 2018 only the new notes will be valid. The old invalid notes can be…

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Take care with lighting in tents

Take care with lighting in tents Always make sure when using any sort of gas lamp inside your tent that there is adequate ventilation high up – combustion gases are lighter than air. Naked flames and synthetic materials (even synthetic fly mesh/mosquito nets) are a dangerous combination in a cotton canvas tent. A well-secured hanging lamp is less of a risk than a standard lamp. To ignite the lamp always use ‘clean’ fuel with nothing added (supplements) because these can…

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