Using their motorcaravans throughout the winter

19% of all Dutch campers choose to spend the winter using their motorcaravans. Popular destinations in the winter months are Spain (44%), Portugal (15%) and France (15%). Campers tend to go to Portugal in November and to France in February, March and April. Three-quarters of these winter travellers move around, the remainder stay on a campsite in one place. February and March are the most popular months for camping. Campers who do not go far afield in winter nevertheless take some short breaks travelling with/in their motorcaravans during the winter months e.g. to visit Christmas markets or to take city breaks (76%). Campers who venture slightly further generally travel around from place to place or go to winter sport destinations (19%). Only a small number go off on long and short journeys (5%).

Source: NKC-Kampeerauto (NL)