New bank notes in Norway

New bank notes in Norway Norway introduced new 100 and 200 Krone bank notes in May this year and other denominations of notes will followi 2018. If you still have some of the old notes from your last holiday in Norway, bear the following in mind: old notes will be legal tender for 12 months and remain in circulation alongside the new notes. After 30 May 2018 only the new notes will be valid. The old invalid notes can be…

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Take care with lighting in tents

Take care with lighting in tents Always make sure when using any sort of gas lamp inside your tent that there is adequate ventilation high up – combustion gases are lighter than air. Naked flames and synthetic materials (even synthetic fly mesh/mosquito nets) are a dangerous combination in a cotton canvas tent. A well-secured hanging lamp is less of a risk than a standard lamp. To ignite the lamp always use ‘clean’ fuel with nothing added (supplements) because these can…

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Quiet walks in cemeteries

Quiet walks in cemeteries November is the month when we give special thought to those who have died: All Souls and All Saints are the two most popular days for going to the cemetery to tidy up graves, take flowers and light candles. The living can also find peace and quiet in a cemetery and even discover cultural treasures although most people probably think that cemeteries are not the happiest of places to choose to spend their free time. When…

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Motorcaravans in the Netherlands

Motorcaravans in the Netherlands The number of motorcaravans (camper vans) in the Netherlands has risen steadily over the past year and that is unlikely to change in the coming years.

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What is Hallowe’en?

What is Hallowe’en? Hallowe’en is a sort of festival that occurs on 31 October and is celebrated mainly in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada. In Europe you now see increasing numbers of people, especially children, celebrating and wearing fancy dress. Originally Hallowe’en was a Celtic/Irish festival that marked the beginning of a new farming year after the crops had been harvested.  The Celts also believed that it was on this day that the ghosts of all those…

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Continued strong growth in the production and export of German recreational vehicles

Continued strong growth in the production and export of German recreational vehicles The enormous demand for recreational vehicles “Made in Germany“ marches on.  German manufacturers of caravans and motorcaravans produced 17.3% more vehicles in the first half of 2017 compared with the same period last year.  Between January and June a total of 62,597 vehicles came off the production line, 27,231 of which were exported.  That is 9.6% up on the first half of 2016. Source: CIVD (D)

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Vignette and toll charges for European holiday destinations

Vignette and toll charges for European holiday destinations Spain:  Many Spanish motorways are subject to toll charges and the ones that are have an “AP“ sign.  You can either pay in person at the toll booth (cash or credit card) or automatically via the “VIA-T-Box“. Charges vary depending on the category of vehicle and the distance covered. Information on routes involving tolls giving up to date prices can be downloaded from:   Macedonia: Macedonia also has motorways that are…

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Which is the best trailer coupling for the towing vehicle?

Which is the best trailer coupling for the towing vehicle? There are many trailer couplings on the market now and generally speaking they fall into three distinct types: Rigid trailer coupling device Detachable/removable trailer coupling device Sway control coupling device. Each of the above-mentioned types is valid in its own right with corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Rigid trailer coupling device/tow hitch  is screwed on to the vehicle and the ball mount juts out behind. It is always visible and is…

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