World Camping Day (2022)

The UNWTO supports F.I.C.C. in the celebration of the World Camping Day

On 29 June 2022, F.I.C.C. celebrates for the first time the World Camping Day, whose official recognition has not only been confirmed by UNWTO but also endorsed as one of the trendiest forms of tourism.

Why 29 June?
It is the name day of the apostles Peter and Paul. Paul or Paulus was a tentmaker and a – for the time – world traveller. He embodies the flexibility of campers, their deep connection to nature, the camaraderie among themselves.

Since then, the camping movement has developed and prevailed and has now become a significant factor in leisure and holiday planning, making the dream of living in the great outdoors come true.

Camping in a tent, caravan or motorhome is now more than ever part of the holiday offer and has become a significant source of economic income and an industry that provides jobs for thousands of people.

The World Camping Day should be a day of joy for children, young people and adults of all social classes all over the world, celebrated by all friends of outdoor life and all nature-loving people actively in clubs, during special events, during rallies, festive club evenings or simple encounters among camping friends, underlining friendship, peace among and understanding for other cultures.

João Alves Pereira
F.I.C.C. President



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