68th F.I.C.C. Youth Rally

Rally nr.: 68
Country: Croatia
Calendar: 29.03 > 02.04.2018
Site: ficcyouthrally2018.com

Reservation deadline 01.03.2018

Rally fee is 65 EUR + 4 € tourist tax per person for 4 overnight stays in the camp, free entrance to Planet Water, 1 Easter breakfast (or dinner), 1 trip to Kumrovec museum Ethno village, entertainment program and sport. Extra day in campsite is 10€ per person.

For Hotel Well is 180€ more (65+180=245€ – one person for four nights in double bed room) all included (breakfast,lunch,dinner and drinks). Extra day in hotel is 45€.

The third bed in room is optionally for children and is 15% cheaper (180-15%= 153€ + 65€=218€ )

Single bed room is 228€ more ( 65+228=293€)

For Hostel bed is 40€ + 65€= 105€ per person. Extra night is 10€ more.

All participants from campsite and Hostel can reserve breakfast buffet 7€ a day and lunch buffet 15€ in Hotel Well restoran.


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