Motor Caravanning

Caravanning & Motor Caravanning
Caravanning and Motor Caravanning is a favourite pastime of families with young children, senior citizens, and those who do not want to backpack or put up a tent. Instead of hauling everything on their backs, Caravanning and Motor Caravanning enthusiasts carry their gear in a car or van.

Camping sites typically include an area for a tent, a ready-to-use fire pit or grill, and restrooms. Some sites also offer showers and a nearby convenience store. Many campsites are located near bodies of water and trails that campers can enjoy during the day. Camping is not for those seeking remote or solitary locations, but many people enjoy the social aspects of meeting fellow campers and camping in larger groups. Many first-time campers try Caravanning and Motor Caravanning to become familiar with wilderness areas and to bolster their confidence through short day hikes on nearby trails.


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