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Cost of camping Europe

Date: 30/05/2012
Source: FICC

Europe’s campsites started the 2012 season with an average price rise of 3%.
This means that prices have gone up slightly more this year than last year (2.5%).
In the high season, two adults and a ten-year-old child will be paying on average €34.40 per night at a European campsite. This price includes parking space for your car and caravan, any incidental charges, electricity, hot showers and visitor’s tax.
Camping costs less in Germany (€ 26.60 per night), Poland (€ 20 per night) and Hungary (€ 23.20 per night).
Italy is still the most expensive country for camping in Europe (€ 44.60) and campers in Switzerland must dig deep into their pockets too (€ 40.55). Prices have risen steeply in France (+ 8% - € 37.20) and Sweden has also moved up from being an inexpensive country to camp in (€ 31.40) to being medium-priced.