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Elections : New Council Member, José Iglésias González

Date: 01/09/2008

On the 30th of July, the General Assembly has elected a new Council and re-elected Joao Pereira as FICC President.
Two new Council Members were elected. One of them is José Iglésias González, from Spain.

Aged 64 years, Mr. Gonzalez is a young retiree from the HORECA sector. Married from 1974, the year he emigrated in UK, Mr. Gonzalez has a 33 years old son.
Since his retirement he has dedicated more time to activities that always kept his interest: motor caravanning, caravanning and tents, among other hobbies. He is a member of the Spanish Federation (Federación Española de Clubes Campistas) and also an adviser of the Executive board and Chief Delegate of the Spanish Federation when attending F.I.C.C. rallies. He is also member of two Portuguese Clubs: C.C.C. de Barcelos and Clube Autocaravanista do Norte, both are clubs federated with the Portuguese Federation (Federaçao de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal).

While in the FICC’s Technical and Environmental Commission he worked in a Pan-European project called: “A new Concept of Motor Caravanning”, the final aim of this project is to establish certain guidelines and criteria and how to improve this practice by applying an agreed number of rules at European level. The mentioned project is now being used by some clubs and federations.
He has also produced a dossier on “European Caravanning” to report the continuous increase of bungalows and mobile homes in camping sites. On this subject he intervened as speaker in two symposiums: at Vicenza Fair (Italy) and Barcelona Fair (Spain).

While in The Technical and Environmental Commission he also introduced the Code of Good Practice denominated “Ten Top Tips”, it covers the following sections: caravanning, motor caravanning, trailer tents, tents and the use of mains electricity.
He has attended all FICC rallies since 1999. He normally travel around Europe, at least during two months a year, previous to every International F.I.C.C. Rally. Since he is the Chief Delegate of the Spanish Federation, he likes to be well in advance in the area ‒where the F.I.C.C. Rally takes place‒ in order to learn as much as possible about local people, entertainment and their architecture, etc.;
thus, he can have information ready for his fellow campers.