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Caravanning captures the mood

Date: 31/03/2017
Source: CIVD

People are increasingly attracted to caravanning because it is all about individuality, proximity to nature and state-of-the-art vehicles.
Unlike other types of holiday, caravanning equates with truly independent travel. This mobile holiday format fulfils people’s desire for freedom and individuality. Travelling in a caravan or motorcaravan has so much to offer whether one is looking for relaxation, sport or sightseeing.
The ”back to nature” trend is another reason why this type of holiday is increasing in popularity.
Recreational vehicle manufacturers have made their contribution to this boom too by producing custom-made models that are much more comfortable and user-friendly.
You can go off travelling whenever you feel like it, stop where you want to in beautiful surroundings, go a bit further if the weather is bad – this is the only type of holiday where it is the holidaymaker who dictates the pace. It fulfills the consumers desire for individuality and freedom. We are beginning to see a drop in consumer interest in ready-made products and services in all areas. Caravanning has captured the mood of the times and has therefore become a popular type of holiday at all levels of society.
The opportunities that caravanning offers are wide-ranging: whether sports like hiking, cycling or watersports are on the agenda or one prefers culture, sightseeing and city tours, caravanning fits the bill for every leisure activity. And you can have a very good time if all you want to do is relax because caravanning is also a good way of to help you slow down and a number of campsites are now offering comprehensive wellness and relaxation deals.
Changing consumer habits and the wide-ranging choices on offer are just two of the reasons why more people are becoming camping enthusiasts.
One other reason is that in recent years there has been growing interest in getting close to nature. Enthusiasm for discovering the natural world and the general trend towards the great outdoors is hardly surprising when you consider the pace of urban life.
Caravanning and enjoying nature go together perfectly. You don’t even have to do without anything because when you are in your caravan or motorcaravan, you have everything you need - it is a home from home!