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Vignette Austria/Switzerland

Date: 31/03/2017
Source: ARCD

Austria has put up the cost of its motorway vignette slightly for 2017. An annual vignette for a passenger car now costs € 86.40, a two-month vignette € 25.90 and a ten-day vignette € 8.90.
In Switzerland the annual vignette for private cars and motorcycles is CHF 40 i.e. €38.50. Unlike Switzerland, Austria does not require an extra vignette for trailers or caravans towed by a passenger car.
Car drivers caught without a valid vignette in Austria are fined €120 on the spot. In Switzerland the fine can be as much as CHF 200. Even displaying a vignette in the wrong place can result in a fine.
The correct place for sticking a vignette is on the inside of the windscreen, either at the top left hand side or in the rear mirror area. The windscreen should be clean and dry and not colder than 5°C. It should not however be stuck on the tinted band.