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87th INTERNATIONAL F.I.C.C. RALLY 2018 in Paaren/Berlin – Germany

Date: 15/09/2016
Source: Norman Taylor - Rally Liaison Officer

Following the decision of the 2015 General Assembly to award the 87th FICC International Rally to the Deutscher Camping Club (DCC), the Rally Commission visited the proposed site located at MAFZ, Erlebnispark Paaren, Paaren im Glien, Gartenstrasse 1-3, 14621 Schonwalde-Gilenand, which is a showground enclosed by a security fence. It lies 18 kilometres to the north west of Berlin, about 10 minutes’ drive from Exit 28 of the A10. Proposed dates are 27th July to 5th August 2018.
The organisers are planning to use 2 entrance/exit gates, one to be available on a permanent basis and another to be used during the daytime. Both would be manned by DCC volunteers. These gates lead to 6 metre wide block paved roads. The site is level, grassed with sandy soil which should drain well in the event of wet weather.
Currently the organisers estimate that the site will cater for 1200 units on 100m2 pitches with 4 metre roadways. It may be possible to increase the number of pitches utilising additional land. A water ring main around the site will be flushed prior to the Rally to provide a potable water supply from numerous labelled taps. The existing site sewer system will provide disposal points for black and grey water with designated and labelled taps for rinsing toilet cassettes. A dump station for large RVs could be provided by lifting a manhole in a cul-de-sac if necessary. Existing sanitary blocks will be augmented by mobile facilities as bookings increase. As part of the [planning, provision of dish and clothes washing facilities are being investigated.
Dry waste will be recycled, with daily collections from central area points. This will require participants to separate waste into: bio, paper, tin/plastic, and glass.
Electricity supplies, 230v 10 amperes, will be provided from existing cabinets on the site. The number of these is being increased as a part of ongoing development of the site.
Opening and closing ceremonies, along with evening entertainment, will take place in an indoor arena with tiered seating having a capacity of 3000 people.
Rally reception, info point, rally office and administration will be housed at the far end of the same building. FICC office and meeting rooms will be on the floor above where the meeting of Organisers, Chief Delegates and Rally Liaison Officer will take place.
Fresh bread, dairy products, meat and other local products will be available on site. A self-service restaurant will operate throughout the day with hot food until 2100hrs. Breakfast will only be served on request and has to be prebooked. First Aid and fire services will be stationed on site.

There will be no permanent accommodation on site but the organisers are looking at the possible hire of caravans. Accommodation will be available, on a limited basis, in the village just outside the site, whilst there is an hotel nearby.
Excursions are still at the planning stage but it is planned to run a limited shuttle bus service to a nearby railway station at Nauen which has direct access to Berlin, approximately 45 minutes away.
Chief delegates will be allowed on site one day early to enable them to start pitching their members.
Subject to approval by this year’s General Assembly (GA), the GA will take place at 0900hrs on Wednesday 1st August 2018 in what is currently the restaurant on site.