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84th INTERNATIONAL F.I.C.C. RALLY IN PONTE DE LIMA /PORTUGAL from 29 July to 7 August 2016

Date: 29/07/2015
Source: FICC & M. Eiffling
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Heritage, environment and rural charm
Protecting its environment is one of Ponte de Lima’s main preoccupations a fact that is easy to understand when you see how Mother Nature has endowed the whole area with wonderful scenery and great natural beauty which deserve to be preserved for posterity.
Tucked away in a beautiful valley, Ponte de Lima is an idyllic destination for tourists who are looking for a different type of holiday where they can immerse themselves in the natural world alongside a population in an authentic rural setting. Local people are justifiably proud of their lifestyle.
Ponte de Lima was recently awarded the European Prize for Tourism and the Environment for being one of the eight most beautiful and interesting tourist destinations in Europe.
Gastronomic delights
Ponte de Lima’s local speciality is Arroz de Sarrabulho, a strong, traditional spicy stew of marinated pork and rice. The meat is cut into small pieces and stewed, seasoned with bay leaves, nutmeg, cloves, salt and pepper. Rice is added flavoured with cumin.
Most of Ponte de Lima’s dishes contain pork in one guise or another, whether spare ribs in the style of Clara Penha or “belouras“ (blood sausage with cornmeal) and smoked sausage - pork is omnipresent. Until quite recently family and friends gathered round for the traditional pig slaughtering.
Eels from the Lima river are especially sought after in Ponte de Lima. This delicacy is prepared in a variety of ways between New Year and late spring, most popularly in a red wine stew with rice.
Anyone with a sweet tooth will love “leite creme“ a burnt cream dessert with caramel topping.

Manuel Couto Viana reckons that “Arroz de sarrabulho that is not followed by leite creme as a dessert is like a meal with no bread and that only exists in hell“.

You must try these local specialities during your stay in Ponte de Lima – you will find them on the menu in many of the restaurants in town.
Some pratical information
Inscription: Adults (18+) Euro 120 – Youngsters (12-17 years) Euro 60 – Children until 11 years old free of charge
Electricity (6 Amps): Euro 35 per unit (tent, caravan, motorcaravan)
Camping Pass: Euro 75 (This amount is to pay by participants who do stay in hotels, B&B, Youth hostels etc. and who wish to go tot he rally site in order to partcicipate in the entertainment program.
A supplementary charge of 20% is added for inscriptions received by the organiser after May 10, 2016.

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Rally bookings can be made from 29 July 2015 onwards.