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82nd International F.I.C.C. Rally in Novalja/Croatia 27 June to 4 July 2015

Date: 29/07/2015
Source: Bülent Karaboncuk - F.I.C.C. Council Member
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Croatia – Novalja – Island of Pag – Strasko Campsite
A very successful international F.I.C.C. Rally

If you are an enthusiastic camper or caravanner and go to an international rally on a 4 or 5-star campsite, then you are a lucky devil !
And if you are a member of a club or federation that belongs to the world-wide federation of camping, caravanning and motorcaravanning, alias F.I.C.C., and were at this particular international rally on the Strasko campsite, then you are a lucky camper indeed!
There were 598 outfits from 32 countries at the 82nd International F.I.C.C. Rally on the Island of Pag in Croatia. A very varied programme was on offer : entertainment during the day and every evening, a variety of excursions and sporting activities, but perhaps most important of all : 7 days’ holiday.
You still have to ask the question though « Was everybody happy and satisfied ? » It is difficult to come up with a definitive answer to this question since you cannot possibly please all of the people all of the time when you organise such a big event.
Everyone is different and people’s expectations vary tremendously. What one person considers to be brilliant, another finds disappointing.
However, in general, the joint efforts of the Strasko campsite and Udruga Kampista Hrvtske were much appreciated, judging by people’s comments and smiling faces.

Campsite : The Strasko campsite is right on the sea and is one of the best camping grounds in Europe. The bay and beach have been awarded the « Blue Flag ». The campsite has 14 clean and modern sanitary blocks with toilets, showers and washbasins, facilities for the disabled, clothes washers etc. as well as restaurants, shops and sports faciliites.

Pitches : The pitches are laid out under oak and olive trees that give a lot of welcome shade. Most are of a very high standard with electricity, running water, waste water drainage as well as satellite and TV connections. So most of the participants were able to enjoy a good, modern camping holiday in a natural setting.
A number of fully equipped, air-conditioned mobile homes offered rally participants alternative accommodation.

Opening Ceremony : The Opening Ceremony was organised in a large marquee on the « main road » in the middle of the rally ground and some aspects were rather chaotic.
The general idea is that it should not just be the parade of nations, but a colourful display reflecting the different cultures and ties of friendship between countries and peoples and this should be a highlight of the ceremony. The music at the beginning of the parade was unfortunately inaudible. In future, organising committees should pay more attention and give more prominence to the parade so that the splendidly colourful national costumes and waving banners and flags are imprinted on everyone’s memory.
Programme : People were generally happy with the music in the big marquee every evening and many a couple took to the dance floor and « tripped the light fantastic ».
General Assembly : 39 clubs and federations attended the General Assembly that was held in the gymnasium of a local school.
Excursions : Excursions were arranged in the vicinity and further afield. Participants were generally happy and much impressed by the virgin countryside, rushing waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, caves and grottoes with their interesting rock formations, the tasty regional dishes and the friendly welcome they were given.

Closing Ceremony : People said their farewells at this event amid tears of joy and sadness.
Would they all meet up again next year?
The F.I.C.C. flag was handed over to Mr. Suk-Jae Chang from South Korea because KCCF will be organising the 83rd International F.I.C.C. Rally in Wanja at the end of July.

After that the F.I.C.C. flag will be passed to Mr. Joao Luis Queroz, President of the Portuguese federation, for the 84th International F.I.C.C. Rally in Ponte de Lima, Portugal in 2016.
In conclusion we would like to quote our late Swedish camping friend, Tom Carlson, who said :
« I cannot think of any other event that would give me the same opportunity to get to know so many people from such different cultures, traditions and customs as an F.I.C.C. Rally. It is quite simply a wonderful experience - may it carry on for ever. ».