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Date: 29/07/2015
Source: Camping, Cars & Caravans

Karlsruhe (DE) celebrates 300 years
The city of Karlsruhe in Baden, Germany, is celebrating its 300th anniversary between 20 June and 21 September this year with a packed programme of events. A Pavilion in the Schlossgarten (Palace park) will be the heart of Karlsruhe’s Summer Festival – here events carry on well into the night. Karlsruhe is honouring its famous inventor, Carl Benz and Baron Drais von Sauerbronn with the Draisinen bike race between 10 and 12 July and a veteran car rally on 19 July.

Summertime = Mosquito-time
Here is an ideal trap for catching mosquitoes.
Nothing is more unpleasant than having mosquitoes ruining summer evenings spent outdoors. But there is one trick that is certain to keep them away.
All you need is a large plastic bottle, brown sugar, yeast and warm water. You cut the bottle in half, turn the top part upside down and use it like a funnel. Pour the warm water into the bottom of the bottle and add the sugar and yeast. Insert the funnel and you will find that the mosquitoes are attracted to this brew and get stuck inside the bottle.