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Date: 12/06/2015

Driving Expo 2015, a web portal dedicated to Italian and International campers that will visit EXPO Milano.
As of today you can visit the web site, a portal dedicated to open air tourists that visit Italy during the six months of EXPO 2015. This international event will take place in Milan from May 1st to October 31st 2015 and is expected to attract 20 million visitors, many of them coming by motorhomes and caravans. As estimation, 250,000 recreational vehicles are expected to attend the event over six months.
Driving Expo 2015 is a portal through which information and assistance will be channeled to RV owners from around Europe and the world. The portal will offer all necessary information for motorhome and caravan to partake of the activity in the Lombardy region, information about the Expo and the countless tourist and cultural attractions available in the region. Service areas and campsite information is only one aspect of the portal, Driving Expo 2015 will also list garages and mechanics for emergencies, which can easily be located with a few clicks. RV owners will be able to find the closest authorized dealer or service center to repair any mechanical, interior or accessory problems.
To complete the web site overview, Driving Expo 2015 provides a Fly and Drive section to access information for local rentals of campers and RV and a complete listing of accessories, hospitals with first aid services, veterinary clinics. Moreover, a comprehensive listing of sightseeing tours designed for RV travelers, information on local events, traditions and typical products.
The portal is in five languages and contains an accurate map that indicates local landmarks; it is designed to be used by Smartphones or tablets.