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European leisure vehicle market on the rise

Date: 12/06/2015
Source: ECF

The European caravan market has shown robust growth of 6.3% in the first four months of the year compared with the same period last year, announcing 57,904 new registrations of leisure vehicles. This clearly indicates that the turnaround of the European leisure vehicle industry is well under way.
The strongest growth areas that are driving the European caravan industry are Great Britain, Germany and France. In Great Britain registrations of leisure vehicles grew by 8.2% to 10,875 outfits, in Germany the sector grew by 7% with 18,574 registrations and in France there were 10,188 new registrations of caravans and motorcaravans, up by 3.2% on the same period last year.

In the first four months of the year the European market for motorcaravans grew by 8% to 32,597 outfits and the caravan market clocked up 25,307 new registrations, showing robust growth of 4.2%.

The strongest growth in motorcaravan sales was in Great Britain between January and April where there was a colossal 24.1% increase, i.e. 3,946 registrations. In France, there were 7,356 new registrations of motorcaravans (up 6.3%) and the figures for Germany, 11,563 new registrations, were up 5.3%. Germany achieved the highest caravan registrations in Europe.

The former traditionally strong Dutch market for caravans has seen a distinct downturn in recent years, but is now showing signs of picking up again: between January and April there were 2,423 new registrations of caravans i.e. a growth of 2.9%.

The caravanning philosphy of “Nature, freedom and independence“ is gaining ground once more in many parts of Europe thanks to the calmer economic climate and this is giving a welcome lift to the European leisure vehicle market.