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New European motorways

Date: 08/02/2012
Source: Kampeertoerist.BE

A new 71 km stretch of the A1 Gdansk-Lodz motorway will be opened between Kowal and Strykow in June this year. Another 90 km stretch of the A1 (Frankfurt a/d Oder-Lodz) will be extended to Warsaw. Around the same time, work on the A4 (Görlitz-Krakow) should be completed as far as the Ukrainian border (Korczowa).

Drivers en route to Greece or Turkey will be happy to discover a much-improved itinerary this summer. The southern ring road (E75 – new) round the Serbian capital Belgrade is due to be finished shortly before the start of the summer holiday season - possibly sometime in May. This will put an end to the time-consuming route through endless villages south of the city.

The 49 km stretch of the A89 (Lyon-Clermont-Ferrand) should be finished towards the end of 2012.

The A8 coastal motorway that runs from the French border (Irun-Santander-Gijon-Baamonde) on the Costa Verde in Northern Spain will be extended by 52 kms. By the end of 2012 the 500 km long motorway will be complete, apart from a short stretch around Torrelavega to the south of Santander where one can currently use the 510 regional road.