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Date: 15/05/2015
Source: FICC

Fédération québécoise de camping et de caravaning (FQCC)
Founded in 1967, FQCC is the biggest camping and caravanning organization in Quebec and indeed in all of Canada. The federation is non-profit-making and is the only Quebec camping and caravanning organization recognised by the Quebec government. FQCC is a favoured and trusted partner in both official and commercial circles where camping and caravanning is concerned and has contributed to making Quebec an international tourist destination.
When FQCC was founded, it had 50 camping and caravanning clubs. In 1975-76 the federation underwent a big restructuring process and membership was made available to individuals. Thus by recruiting individual members who did not necessarily belong to a club, FQCC increased its membership potential and set up sixteen regional camping and caravanning associations (ARCC).
In December 1976, there were 650 family members. FQCC introduced the Province’s Family Camping Competition (Concours de la Famille provinciale du camping) and inaugurated two-week caravan tours for tourists two or three times a year in Quebec province. FQCC published a monthly bulletin entitled “Bonjour Campeur” (Good morning Campers), consisting of a simple typed page and supervised weekend events organised by ARCCs.
In 1985, in another bid to increase its membership and keep its existing members, FQCC introduced an insurance policy that met the requirements and expectations of campers, especially caravanners. This new service proved to be very significant in terms of increasing membership figures. In addition, the publication of a guide of campsites in Quebec was a milestone in that it provided a crucial link between the federation, Quebec Tourism and the Association of Campsites in Quebec (ATCQ).
In 1987, FQCC became a member of F.I.C.C. Being involved in international events, meant that FQCC forged many useful contacts thereby enabling it to seek new markets. FQCC has had a seat on the F.I.C.C. Council since 1996.

In 1990, the federation stopped receiving the government grant that represented 30% of its budget. To make up this loss of income, the membership fee was increased and financial partners were sought in new areas. FQCC has branched out into other products and is reaping the benefits.
In 1992 FQCC organized the first international camping and caravanning rally in North America in Bromont/Quebec. This, the 53rd International F.I.C.C. Rally, brought together 4,500 campers from 26 countries who experienced camping Quebec style. In 2002, FQCC was host again and organized the 65th International F.I.C.C. Rally in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec) which attracted 4,000 campers from 15 countries.
In 1995, FQCC launched the only French language magazine exclusively devoted to camping and caravanning. There was no other magazine of this type that was published on a regular basis. In the beginning, the magazine Camping Caravaning contained about 48 pages. Today, with a circulation of 45,000, it averages some 120 pages in each of the 8 issues published every year.
In 1997, FQCC set up its own travel agency. Around 20 touring holidays are organized and made available to campers. In 1998, FQCC was granted a wholesale travel agency licence which meant that the Federation could make its tourism products available to a wider public, including clients living abroad, thereby tapping into previous contacts made at international level.
In 1998, under the auspices of F.I.C.C., FQCC reinforced its links with campers elsewhere in North America by creating the North America Commission along with the American club Family Campers and RVers. The intention was to encourage dialogue and contacts between campers in North America.
In 2007, FQCC moved into its own premises. It had nearly 40,000 member families and employed 30 people. FQCC continued to enjoy a boom thanks to the variety of goods and services that it made available to its members (magazine, discounted insurance for RVs, discounted gasoline, RV driving lessons, courses on electricity for caravans and motorcaravans, emergency repairs and servicing of gas appliances, etc. Since setting up this ”school”, FQCC has widened its selection of courses which are increasingly popular. In June 2009, FQCC held its first “Road Safety Day for RV Drivers” with information on vehicle mass (vehicle weight), information centre, lectures etc. This special event for all Quebec campers is arranged at least once every year.
FQCC created its own internet website in 2007. Then in the spring of 2011, FQCC managed a new internet site that targets campers 100%. It lists campsites in North America (Quebec, Canada, USA) in addition to giving a classic overview of all that campsites have to offer. Users can upload their own photos on it, make comments and give their assessment of the campsite they visited. This new website has reinforced FQCC’s status as a reference and source of information on camping and caravanning.

In 2010 FQCC decided to restructure its Youth Commission that had been in existence for the best part of a decade. This Commission became the “Action Council for Youth and Families“ in 2011, and its task was to see that the interests of young people and families were properly represented within FQCC.
In March 2011, FQCC came up with the idea of a mascot called Campi, the aim of which was to attract people’s attention at big events such as caravanning and motorcaravanning rallies.
In 2012, FQCC organized its third International F.I.C.C. Rally (F.I.C.C.’s 73rd) including the annual General Assembly, at Montmagny (Quebec/Canada). This time there were 2,325 participants from 20 different countries.