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What do Quebec’s campers do with their RVs in winter?

Date: 15/05/2015
Source: FQCC

In Quebec Province, the summers are hot and the winters bitterly cold.
Caravanners have two options: you may have the enthusiasm, time and money to spend the winter in warmer climes, which accounts for the many Quebec caravanners to be found in Florida, Arizona or Texas in the winter months.
Alternatively, if the “sun-seeking” option is not possible, you have to think about taking precautions so that your RV is properly prepared to survive the winter. These preparations are really important especially if you want to avoid damage to the water pipes. Pipes that have frozen in sub-zero temperatures cause huge problems when they thaw out in the spring.
All FQCC members can access a virtual documentation centre where they are taken through these winter preparations step-by-step. They learn for example how to protect the air-conditioning installation and take care of the roof, how to level a motorcaravan and ensure that the batteries are in good condition.
Once the winter is over motorcaravans have to be made ready for new journeys and adventures i.e. Quebec’s caravanners have to do the overwintering procedure in reverse!