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Camping in Quebec : Figures that speak for themselves

Date: 15/05/2015
Source: FQCC
Documents: 1 Types Rvs in North America.pdf (313.9 KB)
In Quebec 80% of campers see themselves as travellers. The remaining 20% consider themselves to be seasonal campers, i.e. campers whose motorhome stays on a campsite for the entire summer holiday season.
Outfits/equipment used by campers who travel around can be categorised as follows:

Nearly half, i.e. 48% use a tent; over a quarter (27%) have an RV (caravan, motorcaravan or some other type) and very few (5%) take accommodation installed on the spot.

Who are these Quebecers who go camping? In the main they are college graduates aged between 25 and 54. Other interesting snippets of information: nearly half (42%) have a family income of $CA 60,000 or over (about €40,000). The year the survey was carried out (2012), 7 out of 10 campers were couples, while just under 4 out of 10 (38%) camped with their children.

Why do they go camping?
When asked what the attraction was that encouraged them to make this their favourite leisure pursuit, campers cited a number of reasons including the chance to relax, contact with nature and the social dimension. There is no really fundamental difference between travelling and seasonal campers: the same criteria govern their choice of destination. Travelling campers attach a lot of importance to an attractive environment or campsite, that has to be clean and offer peace and quiet. Seasonal campers are more interested in a secure and safe environment, but it has to be clean and attractive too.

The survey also included questions on special topics which affected campers in 2014 i.e. the effect of the increase in the price of gasoline on their lifestyle. When analysing the result it was found that, despite everything, campers still went away on camping trips. To limit their outlay as much as possible however, they reduced the number of trips that they made and the number of stops en route. More often than not, they tended to go to campsites nearer home.

So how are things looking cost-wise? In 2012 it was estimated that Quebec campers spent a total of $CA 530,645,261 (€345 million) on trips. Not bad really, was it? This expenditure resulted in the following: creation of 5,691 jobs, income generated for the Quebec Government
amounted to $CA 52.5 million (€35 million) with further income (indirect taxes less subsidies/ grants) of $CA 55.7 million (€36 million). Moreover in 2012 the total expenditure in camping equipment along with maintenance, rental, improvements and repairs to RVs was estimated to be $CA 530 million (€345 million) to which should also be added the value of RV sales estimated at $CA 312 million (€200 million).
In concluding this presentation of the results of the survey, it is worth mentioning current trends in the camping scene in Quebec that have played an increasingly significant role over the past few years. This includes rental of camping facilities that are installed and ready for use on a campsite (turnkey camping) and so-called “glamping“ that combines comfort, luxury and the great outdoors. The development of websites and applications is another initiative that helps campers choose their campsites and make reservations. And we should not forget the emergence of eco-friendly responsibly-managed campsites that impact very little on the environment, increased provision of luxury amenities for RVs and the arrival of campsites on the outskirts of large towns.*

*All of the information contained in this article is based on the results of the survey “Camping practices in Quebec in 2012“ carried out by the “Chaire de Tourisme Transat de l’ESG UQAM“ on behalf of Camping Québec, the Quebec Camping and Caravanning Federation FQCC and the Council for the Development of Camping in Quebec (CDCQ).