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Camping and caravanning in Quebec/Canada

Date: 15/05/2015
Source: FQCC

With its wide open countryside, welcoming campsites and good roads that appear to take you to the end of the world, Quebec is ideal territory for campers and caravanners. It comes as no surprise therefore that campers are more than happy to take advantage of what the Province has to offer! Indeed there has been such a marked upwards swing in camping and caravanning activity in this Canadian Province in the last two decades, that the sector now accounts for a large segment of the tourism industry.

This is excellent news for the “Fédération québécoise de camping et de caravaning“ (FQCC), which, with its 40,000 family members, is the largest body of campers and caravanners in Canada and the only one that the Quebec Government officially recognises.

In order to get a better idea of the needs and wishes of fans of the great outdoors, FQCC, in collaboration with other players in the industry, organised a survey on the internet in October 2012, asking Quebec campers detailed questions about their camping activities. Here is an overall view of the feedback received.