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Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation (K.C.C.F.)

Date: 18/05/2015
Source: FICC

KCCF participated in the 44th International Camping held on Mt. Fuji back in May 1983, and since it became a member at the Debrecen/Hungary rally in 1986, has taken part in international and Asia camping rallies. It has also organised a good many domestic camping events.
The Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation was re-established in January 1994 and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as Korea’s representative of F.I.C.C. In August 1999 a decision was taken to hold the 64th International Rally in Korea and an international symposium was held two years later in February 2001. The 64th International F.I.C.C. Rally took place in May 2002 at the Mangsang Campsite in Gangwon Province. The President of KCCF won an award in 2003.
KCCF has organised three Asia-Pacific Rallies - in May 1995, October 2004 and November 2005. It holds two national meetings a year.
2008 marked F.I.C.C.’s 75th anniversary and KCCF decided to use the occasion to develop and strengthen the camping culture in Asia. This included organising the successful 74th International F.I.C.C. Rally and General Assembly. The Korean government has established 32 campsites since 2008 in order to encourage and expand the camping culture in the country. Local governments are actively establishing campsites too. Thanks to these efforts, the Korean camping industry is growing rapidly.
The federation’s main aims are holding national meetings to promote camping and caravanning, researching and publicising activities for the popularisation of camping and caravanning, training camping leaders and campsite managers, publishing articles and other documents on camping and caravanning and providing advice to central and local governments on constructing campsites.
Following the first international F.I.C.C. Rally in Korea in 2002, the government began to understand the importance and the impact of camping and, since 2003, local authorities have benefited from a government-funded ”Auto Camping Ground Development Fund”. Since then campers have been able to choose from 360 campsites that have been constructed by provincial and local authorities or institutions and 1,300 privately-run campsites.

The official national campsite website of the Korean Tourist Board is: http//

KCCF and the Ministry for Culture, Sport and Tourism are at present having serious discussions about making CCIs obligatory for campers who want to register and stay at one of the national campsites.
KCCF is currently working on a special CCI app for Smartphones for the use of individual members in Korea.
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