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Camping & Caravanning Club Austria (CCA)

Date: 14/04/2015
Source: FICC


Camping & Caravanning Club Austria (CCA)

1972 : The Camping Club was founded on 13 May 1972 under the name of Camping and Caravaningclub Europa (CCE), with the helpful support of ARBÖ. Its first President was the then government Assistant Under-Secretary Justus Schmidt and its Vice-President was Otto Effenberger according to an entry in the official records of registered organisations.
1977 : The club’s title was changed to Camping- und Caravaningclub Austria. Provisional membership of F.I.C.C.

1978 : Full membership status within F.I.C.C. confirmed.
1983 : First issue of a CCA paper (DIN A5 format).
1989 : CCA organised the 50th International F.I.C.C. Rally in Vienna.
1990 : A turning point for CCA : Robert Sulzbacher took over as manager of the CCA office. The club acquired one of the latest equipped outfits. The CCA paper was modernised.
1991 : A new President took over and CCA regional groups were formed.1994 : An important year for CCA from many points of view: we welcomed our 4,000th member. For the first time the General Assembly was presented with a balanced account. Vice-President Willibald Kapfer was elected President.
1995 : The CCA paper was given a make-over: the front page assumed the appearance of a magazine and the inside pages were also given a new layout.
1996 : Former executive Vice-President Rainer Auffinger took over as President until the CCA General Assembly in November 1997.
1997 : Rainer Auffinger was elected President by an overwhelming majority at the GeneralAssembly in November 1997.
1998 : For the first time in CCA’s history a meeting of officials was organised. The CCA set up its own website and started making information available via the internet.
1999: Robert Sulzbacher took over content and layout of the CCA magazine thus Austria’s only publication dedicated to camping and caravanning became an in-house operation.
2000 : Rainer Auffinger was re-elected President at the CCA General Assembly in November.
2001 : Rainer Auffinger stood down for health reasons and Vice-President Rudolf Wimmer took over as Acting President.
2002 : The website was re-designed in cooperation with the and a new homepage was set up. It was bigger, better and more user-friendly. The CCA magazine was once more re-designed and adapted to modern publishing methods.
2003 : Mrs. Ute-Maria Caviola was unanimously elected as the new CCA President at the the General Assembly. Free legal advice was introduced as one of the many services on offer to members.
2005 : CCA reinforced its position as a travel agent for holidays at home and abroad and even overseas. Tours were arranged across Europe, led by professional tour guides. Trips to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Alaska attracted a lot of participants and yet others returned from an exciting trip to Russia full of praise and enthusiasm. The CCA found a new Partner in ACE – the Autofahrerclub Europa (European Motoring Club).
2007 : Mr. Peter Schuster was elected as the new CCA President at the General Assembly. The CCA magazine underwent another facelift to meet changing needs and members and specialists alike appreciated its new look and content. Holiday tours to Poland, Croatia, France and Cinque
Terre (N. Italy) were sold out and club meetings organised throughout Austria were well supported.
2008 : In 2008 CCA’s programme of tours included Romania, the Lofoten Islands (Norway), Greece, Istria and Tuscany. CCA also offered another rather special destination in 2008: South Africa.
For the first time a summer adventure camp was organised for families with the result that young people had the chance to spend their holidays in a camp with others of their own age group and enjoy a week of fun, games and sporting activities together. And their hardworking parents got to have a well-deserved relaxing holiday too!
2010 : Günther Schweizer, Executive Director of ARBÖ took over leadership of CCA with the assistance of Manfred Riha who had started working for the CCA magazine in 2009.
2011: Mr. Riha became the new Executive Director of CCA and the CCA offices moved to Donaulandstrasse in Vienna. Under the new leadership, the CCA magazine was re-designed, the CCA homepage underwent a complete relaunch, a CCA newsletter was introduced and a number of changes were made on the CCA Board.
2012: Club evenings and camp events, at home and away, enjoyed continued success as did group trips to France, Poland and Turkey. CCI gained many new membership benefit partners.
2013: The CCA Board was completely replaced and, under the leadership of the new President Willy Koblizek and Executive Director Manfred Riha, plans were laid for CCA’s future development.
The magazine, homepage, and newsletter were re-designed again, new cooperation arrangements were developed, more new partnership deals and benefit partners were gained.
Professional travel companies such as SIWA-Tours were brought in to manage the popular CCA Tours programme and new destinations were introduced including Ireland and Romania.

2014: The highlight this year was the trip to Morocco, and a tour with horsedrawn carriages through the Hungarian Pusta area made for an original holiday. Thanks to President Koblizek, CCA, in collaboration with Austrian driving schools, was able to offer its members very favourable terms for obtaining their BE driving licence and Code 96 for heavy caravans/motorcaravans.
The important cooperation between the Wels Fair (Caravan Salon Austria) and the newly formed Austrian Federation of Caravanners was built up and extended.