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Ferry crossings on holiday – Camping on Board

Date: 14/04/2015
Source: CCA-Journal (A)

For caravan and motorcaravan owners making their way on the traditional Italy-Greece route, “Camping on Board“ is a very practical and much appreciated way of travelling.
However before booking your motorcaravan on the ferry, always remember to check that the dimensions of your vehicle are compatible with the space provided.
If you have booked “Camping on Board“, follow the signs and park your caravan/motorcaravan in the specially designed open parking deck on the ferry where you will have access to electricity, washrooms and showers installations. The parking decks are open and on the side of the boat which means that you have fresh air. You can then spend the night within your own four walls.
People who have booked their caravan or motorcaravan on the open camping deck, must arrive at the check-in at least two hours before the ferry departs. We would even recommend checking in three hours before the ferry is due to leave at weekends (Friday through Sunday), on public holidays and during the summer months.
It is a good idea to book as early as possible.