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The EU puts the pressure on

Date: 14/04/2015
Source: Camping, Cars & Caravans (D)

Motorists and caravanners too are about to be blessed with another new EU regulation.
According to EC Regulation N° 661/2009, all passenger cars registered after 1 November 2014 must be fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system.
At present motorists do not check their tyre pressure often enough and what has induced the EU to adopt this new strategy is that modern vehicle tyres can only achieve optimum performance if the tyre pressure is consistently correct. One powerful argument for fitting tyre pressure monitoring systems as standard is that the loss of pressure in one or more tyres adversely affects the vehicle’s handling characteristics and its fuel consumption/CO2 emissions, it increases wear, reduces the effectiveness of the ABS braking system and road-holding on bends and wet roads. But what is more important is that the monitoring system will alert a driver if there is a sudden drop in tyre pressure thereby reducing the risk of an accident.
The trouble is that the EU requires the monitoring system to be introduced Europe-wide, but has yet to prescribe a technical solution. Two versions have emerged so far which have different ramifications: one is direct and the other indirect.
So you had better seek advice from your car dealer!