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83rd INTERNATIONAL F.I.C.C. RALLY 2015 to be held in SOUTH KOREA from 31 July to 9 August 2015

Date: 15/04/2015
Source: FICC

Greetings from the Chairman
Dear camping friends from around the world and KCCF members,

Welcome to the 83rd F.I.C.C. International Rally in Wanju, Korea.
Korea’s first F.I.C.C. International Rally (64th F.I.C.C International Rally) was held in May 2002 at Mangsang Beach Campground, Donghae-Si, and it kick-started the strong momentum to spread the leisure time culture of camping and caravanning in Korea. Then in 2008, the F.I.C.C. International Gapyeong Rally was the second to be held in Korea and served as a key stepping stone not only for camping and caravanning to be the general public’s most preferred family leisure activity, but it also led the steep economy growth in the supporting industries of camping and caravanning. 

Only 15 years ago, Korea was said to be a barren land for camping and caravanning with no international standard camping and caravanning site. But the Wanju Rally will show that Korea has successfully adopted camping and caravanning as a lifestyle for family holidays and will lay the foundation for joining the ranks of advanced countries in this area.
In most European countries known to be a mecca of camping and caravanning, it is seen to be a hugely desirable leisure time activity, and its institutions, with years of experience, have contributed to its success. One of our neighboring countries, Japan, imported the culture of camping and caravanning 45 years ago, and Taiwan, with 30 years of camping and caravanning history, is now a country that boasts more than 1,000 camping sites of international standard camping. 

Recognizing the urgent need and taking other countries’ success stories as a benchmark, we should now be spurred on and encouraged to develop our own particular recreational culture in camping and caravanning to suit our unique lifestyle, and supported by appropriate institutional systems. 

Camping and caravanning brings your family together, lets you and your family experience fully the wonders of nature and its ecosystems, and also gives you the opportunity to think about and care for the environment. Through the Wanju Rally, camping and caravanning will become another recreational activity that aims to improve quality of life. Nature satisfies you in a way that no jewels or expensive clothes can, and you too can join us in experiencing what the great outdoors can offer. 

We hope the variety of programs we have prepared for this rally will help you “recharge your batteries” and leave you and your families with happy memories that you will cherish for a long time. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2015 FICC International Wanju Rally.
Chang, Kyung-Woo, Chairman of the 2015 83rd FICC Wanju International Rally

This is the third international F.I.C.C. Rally to be held in South Korea and will take place on the Gosan Mugunghwa Auto-Campsite and Gosan Recreational Forest in Wanju-Gun, Jeollabuk-Do.
Patron: F.I.C.C.
The organisers are:
Korea Camping and Caravanning Federation (KCCF)
Wanju-Gun Provinz
Jeollabuk-Do Provinz
Sponsors : Ministry for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ministry for Strategy and Finance, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

The rally booking fee is €120 per adult, €65 per teenager up to 18 years of age, no charge for children under 12 years old.

The nearest airports are Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport. There are airport buses (to Jeonju-si) and shuttle buses (to the rally site). English-speaking staff and
volunteers will be at the airports and at the bus stops in Jeonju-si to welcome participants and accompany them to the Gosan Mugunghwa campsite.

Mobile homes on the campsite are very simple in keeping with Korean sleeping and living arrangements.

The Auto-Campsite is well suited to camping and caravanning and it complies with norms and regulations for campsites.

The campsite is in an idyllic location in a river valley. In the summer months one can swim in the river and walk in the mainly forested surrounding hills . The rally site covers a very wide area and for this reason there will be a small bus/train to drive people from one end of the camping park to the other.
There are no shops or restaurants on the camping park. The nearest shops are 30 minutes’ drive away.

Special excursions have been arranged to the Daedunsan Mountain (the mountain that Koreans love the most), Moaksan Mountain, the so-called „Mother Mountain“ because its summit resembles a mother holding a baby in her arms. Nearby is the famous Daewonsa Temple where an Azalea Festival is held every spriong.
Other temples worth visiting are Songgwansa, Wibongsa, Hwaamsa and Chunho Seongji (Holy Land).

The organisers have drawn up a very varied programme including exhibitions of camping equipment, seminars on “Experiencing the natural world and ecology“ and “Back to nature“, camping photo competition, traditional Korean cultural events and games, quality evening entertainment, a jazz evening, friends evening, demonstrations of the traditional art of paper making, kimchi recipes etc. etc. A shuttle bus to the nearest town will probably be provided.
The rally site has a first aid post and there are doctors in the local town.

There will be both half-day and full-day excursions. Coaches will leave from the campsite and the price includes entry tickets, and lunch too in the case of full-day excursions. Excursions might be cancelled if there are not enough participants or if the weather is unsuitable for a particular trip.
Excursions include:
Wanju area and Mai San mountain (half-day, morning), Wanju area and Jeonju traditional village (half-day, afternoon), Daedunsan mountain and historical and cultural sites of Iksan/Samrye (day trip), Wanju and Muju area (Holy Land of Taekwondo), day trip.
Namwon and Jirisan mountain trail tour (day trip)
Gochang – historic sites going back to prehistory UNESCO World Heritage Site (day trip)
Modern sites around Gusan and Buan including the Saemangeum sea dyke (day trip)
Naejangsan mountain trail – area around Gimje and Jeongup (day trip)
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