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Dog’s live longer if they are not overweight

Date: 12/03/2015
Source: Extracts from Camping DCC (D).

There are a good few “camping dogs“ that tend to get out of shape in the winter months. It may not be that critical if they can regain their normal weight quickly. Permanently overweight dogs on the other hand can end up with serious health problems.

A good diet is essential. All too often there are far too many calories in dogfood and this, coupled with a lack of exercise, spells disaster. Excess kilos lead to serious health issues like diabetes or metabolic disorders.
If you have difficulty feeling your dog’s ribs you need to take some action. You might consider asking the vet for advice and a diet sheet.
Where possible meals should include very little fat and no cereals because a dog’s liver transforms them into fat.
If you make more time to play with your dog and take it on long walks, not only will you have a very happy pet but it will be healthier and live longer, as will its master or mistress!