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Date: 12/03/2015
Source: el Camping y su mundo (E)

Decree number 6/2015 of 23 January approved by the Campsites Regulating Council and Overnight Transit Areas dedicated to motorcaravans in the municipality of Valencia (2015/563)

Title III regulates “Overnight transit areas for motorcaravans“ for the first time in Valencia: they must be equipped to provide services that motorcaravanners and small camper vans typically need for an overnight stop i.e. dump stations for chemical toilets, grey water emptying points and parking. The ruling limits stopovers to 48 hours and setting up any camping gear not directly related to the actual stopover is forbidden.
These areas must be properly defined and marked as “Overnight transit area for motorcaravans“ and have the appropriate infrastructure. They must be open to the public, but their use reserved exclusively for motorcaravanners, including campers and the people driving them, in exchange for a fee that covers self-maintenance of motorcaravans plus parking and the overnight stay.