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Deutscher Camping-Preis 2015

Date: 12/03/2015
Source: DCC

Deutscher Camping-Preis 2015
German Camping Prize 2015
Kober family
for services to the world of camping

This prize was introduced jointly by the Deutscher Camping-Club and the City of Essen at the beginning of 1970 and awarded for the first time that year. The aim was, and still is, to honour worthwhile and innovative initiatives for the benefit of the cam-ping mindset.
The 2015 prizewinner is the Kober family, a name that stands out everywhere in their line of business and whose competent leaders are continually striving to make improvements in an extremely important area as far as the camping community is concerned i.e. vehicle safety.
In the process, they have never forgotten the importance of personal contact with the people who use their vehicle safety components and devices. Today, the camping fraternity cannot imagine life without the Kober family’s AL-KO products or the principles that the Group represents. Its

success is mainly down to Kurt Kober, the former Chairman of the AL-KO Kober Group, who sadly died in early January this year following a short but serious illness.
Inventive genius, vigour, enthusiasm and family solidarity, these were the pillars on which AL-KO was founded in the 1950s enabling it to evolve from a small family engineering business into a worldwide going concern. And all the while, the Kober family never lost sight of the fact that the continued existence and success of a business depends on people and that contact with customers is indispensable.
Even if Kurt Kober is sadly no longer at the head of this worldwide group of companies, its future is nevertheless guaranteed. Stefan Kober is the Chairman of the Board of AL-KO Kober SE and with the other two Board Members, Harald and Roland Kober, the Kober family with Kurt Kober’s three nephews is still firmly rooted in the business.
The city of Essen and the Deutscher Camping-Club will be presenting the Kober family with the German Camping Prize 2015 at the Reise+Camping 2015 Exhibition in recognition of their commitment and contribution to so many aspects of the mobile leisure sector, an honour for which Kurt Kober played a significant part.