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FICC Challenge

Date: 03/08/2008

During this Rally, as every year, FICC organised the FICC Challenge. Each year, only one Club is awarded.

How does it run ?

The FICC Challenge is based on the highest number of participants (individuals) at the Rally multiplied by the official kilometrage by air from the main airport nearest to the headquarters of each federation or club to the main airport nearest to the Rally site to which shall be added the kilometrage by road from this airport to the Rally site (Only one cup is awarded).

This year, totalising 309.144 points, SF Caravn Club, from Finland, won the award.
Congratulations !

For info :
2nd with 194.216 pts : The Camping & Caravanning Club (UK)
3rd with 124.188 pts : The Caravan Club (UK)

Thanks all for your participation !