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National Camping and Caravanning Federation (UKKF)

Date: 12/03/2015
Source: FICC

Camping and caravanning started in Turkey in 1966 with the founding of the Turkish Camping and Caravanning Association. TKKD’s head office is in Ankara.
Until 2007, the association only had two branches, one in Istanbul and the other in Bursa. In 2007, for a variety of reasons, the association decided to close its offices in Istanbul and Bursa, even though the Istanbul branch was the first to set up its own website and develop internet-based communications.

After setting up the first caravanning website (, many other websites were created and this proved to be an important milestone that started to arouse interest in, and promote the development of camping and caravanning. Instead of closing the federation, two new associations were established, one on the Asiatic side and the other on the European side. From then onwards clubs and associations emerged all over the country to get round the problem of a centralised management structure.

In 2008, all of these clubs and associations got together and in the same year formed the long awaited new federation. The federation comprises 9 related associations. Currently UKKF has 7 member associations. A good many tours and UKKF rallies were organised in Turkey during this period.

UKKF is in charge of organising a series of festivals in the famous Anatolian town of Tarakli, where the word “caravan“ appeared for the first time in Turkish caravanning history. The third “Tarakli Caravaning Festival“ was held last year.
Every year the federation organises a trip in a different region of the country (West Black Sea region or East Black Sea region, Central Anatolia, Southern Anatolia).

In addition, the federation tries to resolve some of the problems relating to camping and caravanning with governmental and local authorities. One of its biggest achievements was the increase in the maximum permissible laden weight for caravans. Negotiations are also ongoing

with regard to taxes, regular vehicle tests, permission for foreign caravans to stay in Turkey for more than six months (2 years) etc. etc.

For the first time in the history of caravanning in Turkey, a serious report has been drafted on camping and caravanning tourism in the country and it was circulated by UKKF to a number of ministries and local authorities. The report was discussed with the competent authorities within the Ministry of Tourism.

UKKF has produced a camping training handbook for campsite owners that is distributed to campers free of charge. An updated version will be published shortly.

Also, a new caravanning regulation is in the preparation stage and we are close contact with Ministry of Tourism.

UKKF has been a member of F.I.C.C. since 2012.