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CCI - Camping Card International

Date: 02/02/2015
Source: FICC

The new Camping Card International (CCI) 2015 has been launched and is already very popular. This card is distributed exclusively by F.I.C.C. and its member clubs and federations and offers many benefits to cardholders, campsite operators and member clubs. It is the original card, and as such is not a commercial camping card. The CCI is valid for one year and it will be up to the management of each club or federation to decide whether a calendar year or a year from the date of issue works best.

The majority of campsites in Europe accept the card and one can already access over 2,600 campsites that have registered on the official website
CCI cardholders are thus able to use their card to acquire information about each and every one of these campsites.

Being a CCI cardholder means partnership and membership of one big international family. Cardholders’ interests include travelling and exploring but they are equally concerned about protecting the environment and abiding by campsite regulations.

Campers will always be looking out for the F.I.C.C. symbol because they know that is where they will find the hospitality, information and services they need for a good holiday. In addition the campsite operator will grant them the advertised discount.

The CCI can serve as proof of identity at campsites, so that one can usually avoid having to surrender a passport or any other official ID. (subject to the law of the land).

CCI cardholders demonstrate that they have third party insurance cover from the moment they leave home until they return home again, regardless of whether they stay at a campsite, a rest area or in a hotel.

The CCI entitles cardholders and their families to book, via their F.I.C.C.member clubor federation, to go to international F.I.C.C. rallies or to register/sign up for any event held under F.I.C.C. patronage. An international rally is a very special camping experience because it provides the opportunity to enjoy the company of people from all walks of life, thereby opening the door to mutual respect and understanding against the backdrop of the scenery, culture, folklore and traditional way of life of the host country.

This new, modern and advantageous camping card is based on the International Camping Carnet that F.I.C.C. created in 1934. At that time it was a small 3-page leaflet, about the size of a passport, with blank spaces where one could affix the annual sticker or vignette that would indicate that the CCI was valid for another year.

After many years of discussions, AIT (Alliance International du Tourisme) and FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) became joint owners in 1972, and the three logos of AIT, F.I.C.C. and FIA appeared on the Carnet.
A Liaison Committee was formed that continually tried to modernise and upgrade the International Camping Carnet, their efforts culminating in the introduction of a small, handy camping card in 1990.

In 2014, F.I.C.C. assumed exclusive rights to the card once more when the other two partner organisations decided to leave the world of camping and sell their respective shares of the CCI back to the organisation that had founded the card 80 years previously.
The CCI is not just a purely European camping card but it is one that is accepted all over the world, including South Korea and Japan.