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Electric hook-up on your pitch

Date: 02/02/2015
Source: Raymond Eckl – Camping, cars & Caravans

In Germany there is only one authorised method for connecting your leisure vehicle to the campsite’s 230V power circuit – the blue CEE plug. There are very stringent standards governing both the cable and the campsite’s own electricity installation. The provisions of DIN VDE 0100 Part 708 are applicable to a campsite’s power supply. The standard was revised in 2010 and came into force in April 2012.

The standard specifies the following: blue CEE cable connector and socket with earthing contact (standard IEC 309-2) and a flexible H07 RN-F cable, maximum length 25m, minimum cross-section 2.5mm2, for a blue CEE IEC 309 socket.
Cables must not be plugged into the bollard behind one another and any type of adaptor is strictly forbidden. The owner of the connecting cable is totally responsible for any damage that may occur if he uses of a non-standard cable.
Third party insurance does not cover damage caused by gross negligence.