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European market in leisure vehicles stabilises

Date: 02/02/2015
Source: ECF

European registrations of leisure vehicles stabilised in 2014 according to estimates put out by the European Caravan Federation. The ECF anticipated around 136,800 new registrations of leisure vehicles in 2014, representing a slight fall in the overall market of about 0.5%.
The picture is somewhat mixed: while caravan registrations fell by around 2%, registrations of motorcaravans went up slightly, by almost 1%. After years of decline, this is rated as the first positive sign that the European market is beginning to stabilise.
Besides Germany, five other countries have now announced positive figures in caravan sales and nine other countries, besides Germany, have shown good results in terms of motorcaravan registrations.
Over 65,000 new caravans were registered in Europe in 2014 according to ECF’s projections, i.e. a decrease of around 2%. Alongside Germany, positive signs are also emerging from the important French and Swedish markets as well as the relatively small markets in Spain, Belgium and Slovenia. All other markets have recorded a downturn.
The picture relating to motorcaravan registrations is much more rosy. An increase of around 1% has been recorded thanks to about 72,000 newly registered vehicles. Alongside Germany, Great

Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Portugal have all recorded positive results.