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Date: 22/12/2014
Source: A.C.C.A.W. (B)

Fédération des Campeurs, Caravaniers, Camping-Caristes (FFCC – F)
A plea to remove height restriction bars
Earlier on this year, FFCC (French federation) and UNI VDL decided that the time had come to take action on the issue of height restriction bars and generally support campers’ rights for which Manuel Valls, the former French Minister of the Interior, was responsible. So they sent a number of joint written questions expressing concern at the practice by some local authorities in popular tourist areas of installing height restriction bars that deny motorcaravans access to parking lots.
FFCC feels that keeping up the pressure and sending written questions on a regular basis to parliamentarians will ensure that the debate is kept alive on both sides. Hopefully this will lead to proper discussion about the misuse of these bars by some local authorities and the conditions under which they may be legally installed.