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Camping in France

Date: 22/12/2014
Source: L’OT und FNHPA (F)

• Most popular accommodation for tourists in France
• 34% of all European campsites – Germany is in second place and Great Britain third
• 6 million French campers – 1/3 of all French people camp, 4/5 of all French people plan on having a camping holiday
• 80% of campers reckon that camping breaks down social barriers
• 80% of French people believe that camping is just another type of holiday
• 2 million foreign campers
• €2 billion annual turnover
• 36,000 people employed in the sector
• 8,381 established campsites with 916,065 pitches (71% are graded, 29% are not)
• 1,461 campsites in the countryside or on farms, totalling 23,415 pitches
• Total of 9,842 campsites and 939,480 pitches in 2014
• Average number of pitches per campsite in 2014: 109 and 20,000 pitches lost as a result of reorganisation
• 6% of all campsites are classified as 1-star, 23% are 2-star, 28.5% are 3-star, 11.5% are 4-star and 2% have 5-stars.
• 105.7 million overnight stays in 2013, 33.6% of whom were foreigners
• 985 campsites are rated “Camping Qualité“
• 890 campsites are owned by groups or chains (15% of classified campsites) with 210,000 pitches. 565 campsites are independent within a chain and 328 are under group management.

Profile of your typical camper
People who rent a mobile home
• Are families who stay in club hotels.
• Require 35 sq.m. living space with 2 bedrooms and a living area.
• Want a fully equipped kitchen with basic but good quality electrical appliances and a terrace.
• Like this sort of accommodation because it ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, hygiene, infrastructure and entertainment.
People who own a mobile home
• Often live there between seasons.
• Choose this type of accommodation as it meets their desire to be in the country and have friendly neighbours.
• Choose a mobile home that usually has two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom with separate WC, must have a covered outdoor area but not necessarily a terrace.
• Are happy to use the campsite services and facilities i.e. swimming pool, entertainment, babysitting.

• Are 56 years old on average.
• 47% are still working, 48% are retired.
• Spend about 57 days a year in their caravan.
• Favourite destinations: Brittany and Spain.

Campers in tents
• Young people who go away in a group (cheap holiday and accommodation) or who go to festivals and other such events.
• Motorcyclists and hikers who travel with their own tent (lightweight tents very practical for hikers).
• Families who take a tent on holiday, either because they like the campsite experience or for economic reasons.
• People who buy or rent camping equipment wanting to get back to nature without having to transport their camping equipment or pitch their tent.