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17th F.I.C.C. ASIA-PACIFIC RALLY on the Taipei Hua Zhung Campsite in Taipei/TAIWAN from 9 to 13 October 2014

Date: 17/11/2014
Source: F.I.C.C.
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The 17th Asia-Pacific Rally was held in Taipei at the city’s campsite in the green setting of Riverside Park not far from the historical sights.
The Rally started on 9 October with an Asia-Pacific Camping, Caravanning and Motorcaravanning Forum in Aletheia University that was attended by over 200 people.
Topics/themes were: “Why it is important to promote the camping culture in Asia“
(Speaker: Joao Alves Pereira, F.I.C.C. President)
“European standards for RVs “ (Speaker: Lars Dahlberg, F.I.C.C. Honorary President)
“From the European viewpoint: How can we work together globally to promote camping activities“ (Question and answer session – Joao Alves Pereira – Lars Dahlberg)
“Autocamping in Japan: past, present and future “ (Speaker: Kazuhiro Akase, Vice-President of JAC and F.I.C.C. Honorary Member)
“How one can help the Taiwanese camping industry gain access to international markets“ (Speaker Michael Lin, former Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Commission)
“How Taiwan’s current safety standards for camping vehicles compare with international standards“ (Speaker: Chin-Wie Chao, Head of Department for Road and Rail Transport, Ministry of Transport and Communication)
“From the Asian viewpoint: How can we work together globally to promote camping activities“ (Question and answer session – Kazuhiro Akase, Hyung-Woo Chang (President of KCCF/Korea), Michael Lin and Chin-Wie Chao)

After the Forum, there was a guided tour of Fort San Domingo (near the university) followed by a half hour boat trip from the historic town of Tamsai back to Taipei.

The traditional opening parade was held despite the rain with Chinese yoyos, the Lion Dance and the famous drums.National Day was duly celebrated and a barrel of beer supplied by Michael Lin contributed to the great party spirit.

On 11 October participants set off for the north-east coast to visit the Gold Museum (many campers had never seen such a wealth of gold and other riches) and then climbed up to look-out point for a view of the sea.

Deputy Mayor Ting was the guest of honour at the Taipei evening and Mr. Chang, Director of the Public Works Department, demonstrated his talents singing and dancing.
It was a very successful evening with dinner and cheerful background music and a good time was had by all.
The Closing Ceremony took place on 12 October. The Asia-Pacific flag was handed over to the Koreans who are organising the next rally. Campers and hosts ended the rally by singing Auld
Lang Syne together. They said their final farewells and everyone is looking forward to meeting up again at the next rally in Asia.