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Camping in the garden

Date: 17/11/2014
Source: Mariska Schok – Seen in Buitenspoor (NTKC-NL)

A hundred years after camping started to be popular, a new trend has emerged: camping in private gardens.
The idea is that garden owners offer their garden space to camprs for a tiny rent or even free of charge. There is a wide choice now from the tiniest inner city garden to an estate with several hectares of land.
Garden owners make their garden space available for a maximum of 28 days a year and two consecutive weeks at most. There are some 850 garden owners who have caught on to this idea, 300 in England (where the idea originated), 70 in Germany, 350 elsewhere in Europe and 250 in the rest of the world.
“Sharing“ is what motivates these web hosters - lots of people have gardens so why not share them with others? It is also a very nice way of being sociable and getting to know people. Six thousand campers have registered and, since 2011, thousands have made bookings. You book with the “campsite owner“ via the website and pay a maximum of €30 a night, or in some cases nothing at all.
Services included are at most a shower and internet connection, maybe a meal here and there. , (here you must also make your own garden available) and for further information.