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Meeting of the F.I.C.C. Motorcaravan Commission on 9 October 2014 in Utrecht/the Netherlands

Date: 17/11/2014
Source: F.I.C.C.

The Chairman of the Commission, Jose I. Gonzalez and members Les Kendrick, Chris Wells, Gianni Picilli, Gérard Couté and Stan Stolwerk held their recent meeting at the headquarters of the Nederlandse Kampeerauto Clubs in Soesterberg.
The Commission thanked Mr. Stan Stolwerk (NKC) for the excellent arrangements he had made for the meeting.

Topics on the agenda were “Report on the new European driving licence, “Danger of polyplastic windows in motorcaravans“, “ECF lobbying regarding the new European B driving licence for motorcaravans“, “Review of the interesting work carried out jointly by ECF, NKC and the Motorcaravan Commission over the years“, “The 28 technical broadsheets produced by the

Motorcaravan Commission“, and “Possible discounts on motorway tolls in Europe for CCI cardholders.“
The role of the F.I.C.C. Motorcaravan Commission is important, not only in the EU, but all over Europe including Russia. Many European clubs and federations are very aware of the work it does and some of them are regular users of its technical broadsheets.
The present members of the Motorcaravan Commission will stand down at the end of 2014 and a new group will take over its tasks in 2015 under a new chairman.

Mr. José I. Gonzalez, who has been chairman of this F.I.C.C. Commission since 2008, has decided to stand down and start a well-deserved retirement.