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The European caravan market stabilises

Date: 11/09/2014
Source: ECF

In the first seven months of the year, the European market for leisure vehicles recorded 102,603 registrations of new outfits, a slight drop of 0.6%. Over that period, Europe saw 54,951 registrations of new motorcaravans (up 1.5%) and 47,652 new caravans (down 2.9%). However, many of the European countries hit by the financial crisis are seeing signs that the market is beginning to stabilise.
The Swedish caravan market recorded 2,549 registrations of new outfits for the first seven months of the year, an increase of 4.6% over the same period last year, and registrations of caravans in Belgium were up a healthy 11.1% (820 outfits). However it has to be said that on the whole, countries that have been experiencing an economic downturn in recent years - France (down 0.1% to 5,080 outfits), Denmark (down 4.5% to 1,645 outfits) and the Netherlands (down 4.5% to 4,320 outfits) - are now going through a period of stabilisation.
As far as registrations of motorcaravans are concerned, in addition to Germany (up 4.8% to 20,220 outfits), there are positive signs from other countries with strong registration figures such as Sweden (up 15.7% to 2,958 outfits), Great Britain (up 14.1% to 5,827 outfits) and Belgium (up 9.7% to 2,316 outfits) which is good news indeed.
Some markets such as Italy (down 13.4% to 2,661 outfits) and France (down 3.4% to 12,124 outfits) are still reporting falls in registrations, but even here one can discern a gradual stabilisation process.
A comparison with last year’s figures confirms a slow consolidation of the European motorcaravan market.