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Convenient, light, safe and comfortable

Date: 11/09/2014
Source: ECF

New generation of caravans and motorcaravans comes up with another set of standards at the Caravan Salon 2014 in Düsseldorf.

Leisure vehicles that will be on sale for the 2015 season were on display at the above-mentioned Salon.
New caravans for the 2015 season are especially good value for money and very lightweight. Increasingly manufacturers are opting for frames not made of wood, but of glass fibre reinforced plastic/GRP and are expanding their beginner range with compact no-frills models. Being both safer to drive and more comfortable, these new motorcaravans should have no problem attracting and convincing potential customers.
It was a new generation of utility vehicles that has made possible this considerable leap in innovation.
The new range of caravans for 2015 belong mainly in the beginner range. With no-frills interiors and compact external dimensions, they are certain to woo new customers. In addition, the use of reinforced lightweight materials is a definite “plus“. Floors made of glass fibre reinforced plastic have replaced the wood-based constructions used previously and manufacturers are also increasingly turning to non-wood materials for the roofs and sidewalls. The aim is to make leisure vehicles considerably lighter so that smaller towing vehicles can be used.
In addition, attractive prices around the magic figure of €10,000 should help to open up the market and widen the target group of first time caravan buyers.

The new motorcaravans are being influenced by the next generation of light utility vehicles. Dynamic design, environmentally-friendly engines and above all a broad spectrum of new assistance systems are shaping the 2015 generation of motorcaravans and contributing to this marked innovative leap. Anti-collision bleepers warn the driver that he is too near the vehicle ahead, blind spot assistance replaces the need to look over your shoulder, tracking assistance warns if you change lanes without signaling. These electronic devices increase safety and take much of the strain out of driving.
The engines of the new chassis generation correspond to European exhaust emission levels 5+ and 6 which means, according to the manufacturers, that one’s fuel consumption is also a lot lower.