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At the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon

Date: 29/08/2014
Source: F.I.C.C.
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At the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon


The Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning (F.I.C.C.) will close its 80th anniversary celebrations with a merit awards ceremony to be held at Dusseldorf’s Caravan Salon on August 31st at 10:30am.

Founded in 1933 and being the only worldwide organization devoted to camping, caravanning and motor-caravanning, F.I.C.C. began celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2013 by presenting certificates of merit to volunteers from a number of its 75 member organizations operating in 36 countries. Now, at the close of these celebrations, F.I.C.C. will be awarding certificates of professional merit to acknowledge the commitment of those working in the camping industry who contribute to promoting the development and recognition of camping internationally.

These certificates will be awarded on August 31st during a special F.I.C.C. ceremony at Dusseldorf’s Caravan Salon at which people connected with several F.I.C.C.-related organizations together with a number of campsites will be presented with certificates of professional merit. The campsites in question operate in 11 major European destinations and have been singled out both for the high quality of their installations and services and for their loyalty to Camping Carnet International (CCI) cardholders.

In fact, during this final 80th anniversary event and award ceremony, prominence will be given to the CCI which was created in 1934 and is therefore celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. The CCI is the only social camping card issued by a recognized organization in the sector that is accepted at nearly all European campsites. It can justifiably claim to be a real camping “passport” and is also gaining ground now in other regions around the world.

The CCI has made phenomenal progress imposing its presence increasingly over the years and has now become the leading camping card. Its success persuaded two other organisations, the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, to link up with a CCI partnership arrangement.

In January of this year, F.I.C.C. became the sole owner of the CCI and will of course continue to issue the camping card as before and promote its expansion for the benefit of both consumers and service providers, especially campsites.

As befits its role as market leader, the CCI is being given a makeover with a new, modern image and graphic design that are more in keeping with today’s preferred consumer trends. However its historical origins will not be lost or forgotten.

A new website - - will be launched simultaneously with the new card which will have updated features and applications for mobile devices. This online platform is expected to become one of the main links between the CCI and its users, who will have no problem accessing full information on the card’s features, campsite discounts and other additional benefits.

Currently F.I.C.C. has more than 2,500 campsites registered on the CCI website and 75 member organisations. It operates in 36 countries bringing up-to-date information on the best that camping, caravanning and motor-caravanning has to offer to over 2 million families throughout the world.