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Heating while driving

Date: 30/01/2012
Source: F.I.C.C.

In broad terms: According to the requirements of the European Heating Equipment directive RL 2001/56EG, 2004/78 version, heating while driving is authorised for vehicles built since 1/2007 provided certain requirements are met, one being that no uncontrolled release of gas can occur through a pipe ruptured in an accident. Using the Truma SecuMotion meets this particular requirement.
On the other hand, a mono/duo control is available for 30 and 50 mbar installations so when retrofitting, for example, you do not have to work out the volume of gas in the pipes to ensure that it operates safely.
There is no restriction on using gas bottles while driving vehicles built before 1/2007, except in France where using gas installations while driving is only allowed in vehicles that were first registered after 1.1.2007. For older vehicles in France, using a gas installation while driving is not allowed even if it is fitted with a quick-acting safety shut down valve.