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Camping in Australia

Date: 21/07/2014
Source: Extracts from Camping, Cars & Caravans

Australians do not drive motorcaravans. They leave those for the tourists. Australians are caravanners. They camp in tent caravans, folding caravans and off-road caravans.
Camping is popular both with tourists and Australians. You find campsites everywhere and, more often than not, they are excellent. In Australia campsite owners are mindful of people’s needs. Campsites have open cooking areas with cooking facilities and fridges that everyone can use. Sanitary units are clean, a good size and fit for purpose. Clothes washers and huge dryers are available too.
However pitches are not a generous size, but surprisingly manageable. Row upon row of caravans all pitched closely together, a bit too close for those used to European norms. Close perhaps, but never unpleasantly so.

In the outback, campsites tend to be rather rough and rustic, certainly not your outdoor spa or health clinic. This is the true Crocodile Dundee experience.
It is quite possible to overnight in roadside rest areas. Amenities are variable from “nothing doing“ to a small kiosk and a toilet. There is no charge but you may only stay for 24 hours at most. The Aussies are very sociable and you can usually make contact straight away.