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A warning if you are driving in Italy this summer

Date: 21/07/2014
Source: ACS (Campingrevue Switzerland)

From 15 May until 14 October 2014 some types of winter and all-year-round tyres (M+S in each case) are not allowed on Italian roads. This concerns all vehicle tyres with the speed rating L,M,N,P or Q. So if you are thinking of driving in Italy during that period, it is advisable to have your vehicle fitted with summer tyres.
The speed rating, also known as the speed index, gives the maximum driving speed allowed. The maximum speed for L rating for example is 120 km/h and for Q rating it is 160 km/h. The speed rating is displayed as a letter on the sidewall of a tyre and you will find it at the end of the tyre size. So check your tyre rating before you set out for Italy – your local garage can help you with this. In addition to a steep fine of between 419€ and 1,682€, your vehicle could also be impounded.