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Date: 02/06/2014
Source: Camping, Cars & Caravans

An extraordinary meeting of DIN on awnings and tents was held at the Reise + Camping exhibition in Essen.
For the tirst time the whole area of lightweight tents was comprehensively examined. These tents are playing an increasingly important part in camping and have outstripped traditional awnings.
England is pushing for a separate category for these tents within awning norm 8936. The market in England has been preoccupied with the new awnings for some time calling for stricter measures.
DIN in fact had to correct false information during the exhibition. Publicity for a flame retardant fabric was reprimanded because the fabric in question could not possibly comply with the designated norm i.e. the approved DIN/ISO norm rather than some Californian or other selectively chosen norm that might suit.
The consumer should clearly understand that this was not a quality top-of-the-range awning comparable with other awnings already on the market, but a lightweight tent designed for short-term use and weekend breaks. Even the latest in Air-In systems for pitching frames should be tested.

The legendary Airstream Caravans are sold throughout Germany and are increasingly popular elsewhere in Europe. Besides developing new markets, the company is launching Airstream Interstate over the next few years, a caravan that is based on the Mercedes Benz Springer.