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Blood poisoning – when the immune system fails

Date: 02/06/2014
Source: FLCCC (L)

You cut your finger, take no notice of it and perhaps go out to dig the garden. Dirt gets into the wound and blood poisoning sets in. But that isn’t the only way it can happen, not by a long shot. Because any infection in your body can trigger blood poisoning even infected internal organs (e.g. lung or a urinary tract infection). The danger is always greater if one’s immune system is weakened when pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungus) invade unhindered in a focus of infection. One study has shown that in Germany for example, 160 people die from septicemia or sepsis (the medical term) every day, so one should really take the initial symptoms seriously. They are similar to the onset of ’flu – sudden high temperature, aching limbs, difficulty in breathing, feeling shivery.
A red rash on your skin that many people associate with blood poisoning rarely appears in the early stages unfortunately. It does occur when pathogens from the surface wound spread to the lymphatic system. If the rash does appear, it means that the germs are not yet in the blood, so you have a chance to intervene quickly. Treatment is with antibiotics.