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Date: 15/04/2014
Source: FICC

BEIJING and YANQING County is the Next Rally Destination

This is F.I.C.C.’s 80th International Rally and the event is being organised jointly by
Yanqing County People’s Government and the Beijing Tourism Group. It is the first F.I.C.C. camping rally to be held in China and it will last ten days.
The campsite, with well-equipped public facilities, provides showers, laundry facilities, garbage
sorting and emergency medical services, along with free electromobile bike and bicycle rental services to help you get around the campsite and enjoy sightseeing in the surrounding area.

Renting a motorcaravan
The campsite provides 30 motorcaravans or trailer RVs imported from Europe and North America for rental or purchase.
Do contact the organisers if you have any queries.
Official website:
E-mail address for enquiries: [email protected]
These official websites are already operational and you can download the booking form, rally brochure, excursions and all other information regarding the Rally in China now.

The historic capital Beijing is looking forward to welcoming visitors attending the
80th International F.I.C.C. Rally

The 80th International F.I.C.C. Rally will be hosted in Beijing, the capital of China. It is a metropolis blending the charm of an ancient capital with the dynamism of a modern capital. There are countless historical sites that stand in perfect harmony with buildings of ultra-modern design.
Longwan International Motorcaravanning Campsite, situated on the shore of Jinniu Lake, is in a beautiful green landscape with crisscrossing streams and tranquillity that could only exist in fabled Shangri-La. The campsite consists of the reception center at the entrance, an RV camping site, children’s activity area, mobile log cabin area, tented camp zone, bungalows and a service area. These areas do not overlap so you can enjoy peace and quiet or take part in festivities. The whole area is like a traditional Chinese landscape painting embedded in the breathtaking natural beauty of the northwest of Beijing. The area surrounding the campsite boasts many attractive features: Longqing Gorge (10 kms), Wild Duck Lake wetlands (25 kms), the Badaling section of the Great Wall (30 kms) and the Ming Tombs (40 kms).

Badaling Longwan International Motorcaravanning Campsite is merely 98kms away from downtown Beijing, accessible by highway. As the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing boasts over 3,000 years of history, 850 years of being the capital city, with five dynasties making it the seat of power. Beijing is famed for a host of historical sites, beautiful imperial gardens and an enchanting natural landscape. The contemporary architecture classics are represented by the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, modern arts of 798 Art District, then there is the lively atmosphere of Sanlitun and Houhai bar streets, splendid Chinese folk customs and culture, and delicacies from the different regions of China, along with historical sites. The meeting of ancient and modern will make your trip a memorable one.
Rally programme
All manner of activities will be staged concurrently with the 80th F.I.C.C. Rally taking into consideration the different age groups, populations and fields of interest. These will include National Day themed activities, an RV parade, delicacies from the different regions, a BBQ, a red wine festival, Longwan live music festival, traditional Chinese culture performances, excursions and themed seminars. The Dragon Boat Festival will be specially scheduled on China Themed Day, including interesting items such as dragon boat racing and a rice dumpling wrapping contest.
Excursion schedule
BTG International Travel & Tours Co. Ltd. (Group) has designed a very rich excursion schedule to visit natural and cultural sites and beauty spots, including a short tour of Yanqing County and Beijing as well as multiple-day itineraries of selected destinations across China. You can choose according to your interests and preferences. Registration has started.

China for campers
China is an ideal camping destination, as campers can indulge in tranquillity and happiness here. With a vast territory and ethnic diversity, China charms visitors with captivating natural landscapes from the South to the North, and abundant cultural and historical heritage sites, ancient traditions and colourful customs. China is home to world’s biggest highway network, with a comprehensive transportation system covering the entire country, making it possible for you to enjoy your choice of scenery and destination in a relaxing self-driving trip. If you plan to continue your vacation in China, you can refer to the selected travel routes proposed on the Rally’s official website. In addition, Longwan International Motorcaravanning Campsite is close to the Beijing – Tibet highway, near the first exit, so it’s very convenient to drive out of Beijing. Heading northwest, you will reach the legendary Silk Road, the conduit for the spread of Chinese civilization to Central Asia and beyond. There are campsites along the way providing convenient and comfortable services.

Official website
The official website for the 80th International F.I.C.C. Rally is and the event schedule, prices, a campsite introduction and excursion schedule will be announced on the site in good time. You can also reserve tickets and bungalows online and benefit from a discount for reservations made in advance.