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Important safety instructions when driving through tunnels

Date: 15/04/2014
Source: DCC (D)

Road tunnels certainly shorten one’s journey, but unfortunately many motorists find the idea of driving through them quite stressful. Here are some tips to help you transit tunnels safely:

Before entering a tunnel always check that there is enough fuel in your tank to see you through. When driving through the tunnel make sure your headlights are dipped and remove your sunglasses. One of the basic rules when driving through a tunnel is maintaining a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead. When you pass emergency exits, emergency telephones or any other signs, commit this helpful information to memory so that you can react quickly in the event of an emergency.
If traffic comes to a standstill or there is a tailback, leave at least five metres between you and the vehicle in front. If you are the last in line, switch on your hazard warning lights. If traffic stops, you should stay inside your vehicle.
If there is an accident, you should: Switch on your hazard warning lights immediately, put on your high visibility vest, park your vehicle as far over to the right and the tunnel wall as possible, turn off your engine, call the emergency services and attend to the injured.
If a vehicle is on fire and cannot be driven out of the tunnel, you should only attempt to extinguish the fire yourself in the very early stages. If this is unsuccessful then you should leave the tunnel as quickly as possible through the nearest emergency exit and follow the instructions of the emergency services.
Important: When you leave your vehicle always leave the key in the ignition so that the emergency services can move it easily.